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Case Study

Project :All

  Client :Various

 Scope :Modelling Natural, Existing and Design Terrain

ADM Regeneration-Remediation 3D PDF Modelling LSS n4CE

The Project


To accurately determine the topography of the existing site, the natural strata beneath and the profile of the final scheme.

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Topographical Survey Conversion To 3D Model

2D topographical survey data converted to 3D model

The Problem


Without detailed models of the site at all stages, Clients may be required to import or export  large and expensive quantities of materials, making the feasibility of schemes impractical or prohibitively costly. This can lead to sites not being developed, local labour not being employed and an impact on local economies.

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Substrata Borehole Modelling

Borehole data used to model varying sub-strata

The Solutions


• Experienced Engineers understanding how supplied survey data is collected and is to be used. In areas of sparse data, in-house surveyors

  suppliment with additional surveys.

• LSS and n4CE software used to convert image, PDF and CAD data into 3D models.

• Geotechnical knowledge allows borehole data to be used to create sub-surface models.

• 20+ years of construction experience allows design modelling to consider the build process and the design of real earthworks solutions

  based on remediation strategies.

• Volumetric analysis allows multiple design iterations that can be proposed to Clients.

• Final earthworks designs and strategies are conveyed to Clients in reports, PDF drawings, CAD files, and even interactive 3D models

  viewable within Adobe Reader.

• During the remediation phase, natural strata is surveyed by our Site Engineers, modelled, then compared to theoretical levels. This allows us to monitor the progress and inform of changes to foundations, or amend the remediation strategy.

ADM Regeneration-Remediation 3D Modelling Visualisation

3D model of final design levels, with construction depths used to determine formation levels



Through detailed modelling and volumetric analysis, developments can be optimised at design stage to enable a financially beneficial reduction in import and export and more accurate predictions of contamination quantities. This allows refinement of remediation strategies and the implementation of innovative solutions to minimise waste streams.

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Strategy Foundation Solution

Models used to determine foundation solutions and develop remediation strategy

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Model Client 3D Viewer

3D model can be sent to Clients to be viewed in Adobe Reader

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Client And Site Deliverables

Wide range of methods used to present information to Clients and Site Teams

Further Information


Please use the links below to download this case study and our brochure.


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