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Case Study

Project :Halton Brook, Runcorn

  Client :Northern House Builder

 Scope :Technical Advice, Remediation

The Project


Deep valley formation requiring infill of >10m to facilitate residential development.

Halton Brook Design With Existing Topography

The Problem


The deep valley formation remained the final area of development within an operational site. Adjacent to the infill area was a stockpile of circa 40,000m3 of mixed civils arisings that required process and backfilling to achieve proposed development levels.

Halton Brook - Upfilling Operations

Halton Brook - Bulk Filling Near Completion

The Solution


• Upfront technical advice on the scope of works.

• Vegetation clearance works.

• Excavation treatment and burial of japanese knotweed contaminated soils.

• Burial of asbestos impacted soils.

• Excavation processing and drying of soils before method compaction within infill area.

• Raised site levels by over 10m with engineered site won soils to support adopted highway.

• Multiple geotechnical testing to provide sufficient compaction and CBR’s, in with consultants requirements every 1 metre.

• Crushing of oversize recovered from soils.


Testing - SRD's, Bulk Density & CBR's



Works achieved on time, on budget and by careful management of works houses were able to be founded on a raft foundation. In addition by careful management of soils we ensured that no excess soils were required to be removed from site and all subsoil capping was generated on site.

Plots Ready For Vibro

Sub-Soils Won And Strategically Placed For Use By Client

Areas Approaching Completion

Further Information


Please use the links below to download this case study, our brochure and 3D PDF files  (requires Adobe Reader) of the project showing the original levels and the final design.


Download Case Study File

Download ADM Regeneration Brochure

Download Halton Brook 3D PDF Topographical Survey

Download Halton Brook 3D PDF Design Model

Download Halton Brook 3D PDF Overlaid

Download 3D PDF Instructions





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