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Case Study

Project :Former Bombardier Site Residential Site, Crewe

  Client :Countryside Properties

 Scope :Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Remediation

ADM Regeneration-Demolition Marley Eternit Widnes Cheshire

The Project


Demolition of existing buildings, non-notifiable asbestos removal, breaking out and crushing of slabs and foundations, phased handover to Client to facilitate early commencement of vibro-piling and groundworks for the creation of 119 new affordable homes and 1 apartment block on a 16 week programme.

ADM Regeneration-Demolition Decommisioning Plant And Reclamation

Eternit factory during decommissioning and reclamation of equipment

The Problem


The former heavy industrial buildings on the site had previously been demolished, with only the support buildings remaining, but the works had to be planned and phased to enable to the Client to access specific plots as part of their contract with the social housing provider. Bentley Motors also had a right to access part of the site, with additional works being required to maintain their operations until the construction of a new car park was complete, including the diversion of their electricity and water supplies that were passing through the new development.

ADM Regeneration-Demolition Decommisioning Asbestos Chemical Works Removal

320,000 ft ² factory space decommissioned, cleaned and demolished

The Solutions


• Upfront technical advice regarding the remediation and phasing of the site and in particular value engineering of the works to achieve a betterment on foundation solutions.

• Modelling of earthworks, cut and fill.

• Removal of non-notifiable asbestos, soft strip and demolition of buildings.

• Engaging 3rd Party services company to identify all live services on site and working   safely around them until diversion works were carried out.

• Close liaison with live Bentley Motors and Bombardier Transportation factories bounding

 the site.

• Grubbing up and crushing of 10,000m³ of slabs, foundations and relic structures.

• Selective excavation and placement of 20,000m³ of site won soils to achieve a vibro   stone column foundation solution and Client cost certainty.

• Engineering of soils roads to achieve a 5% CBR.

• Acceleration of programme to allow early commencement of Client vibro and ground  works contractors, and subsequent close working with other trades for 80% of contract.



ADM Regeneration-Demolition Scaffolding To Allow Access To Asbestos

Complex temporary works required to access areas and connect negative pressure units



Works completed on budget, with zero downtime for neighbouring companies, betterment of Client sub-contractors programmes and cost certainty for foundation solutions. By assessing earthworks, disposal of arisings from civil engineering works kept lower than predicted.

ADM Regeneration-Demolition Decomissioning Large Number Of Industrial Processes

A wide range of chemical processes had to be dealt with

ADM Regeneration-Demolition Asbestos Removal Using Enclosure

Asbestos sheets on roof removed from enclosure to stop contamination spread

ADM Regeneration-Demolition of Structure After Contamination Removal

Areas Approaching Completion

Further Information


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