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Case Study

Project :Wellington Road, Bollington

  Client :National House Builder

 Scope :Asbestos Removal, Demolition, Remediation

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Of Housing Scheme 3D Model

The Project


Demolition of existing buildings, notifiable and none notifiable asbestos removal, breaking out and crushing of slabs and foundations, removal of redundant culvert on site of former foam factory to facilitate 91 new homes.

ADM Regeneration-Demolition Of Existing Factory For Remediation For Housing Scheme

Wellington Road - Demolition Phase of Scheme

The Problem


The site investigation identified extensive areas of made ground beneath the site requiring a piled foundation solution together with the significant import of soils to raise site levels.

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Upfilling Engineering For Housing Scheme

Wellington Road - Upfilling Operations

The Solution


• Upfront technical advice regarding the remediation and phasing of the site and in particular value engineering of the works to achieve

  a betterment on foundation solutions.

• Modelling of earthworks, cut and fill.

• Removal of notifiable and none notifiable asbestos.

• Soft strip of buildings.

• Demolition of buildings.

• Tree and waste clearance

• Grubbing up and crushing of 30,000m³ of slabs, foundations and relic structures.

• Selective excavation and placement of 40,000m³ of site won soils to achieve a vibro   stone column foundation solution.

• Importation of 30,000m³ of soils.

• Engineering of soils beneath commercial development and roads to achieve a 5% CBR.


ADM Regeneration-Remediation Upfilling Existing Culvert For Housing Scheme

Relic Culverts Discovered Mapped, Removed and Foundation Solutions Adjusted To Suit



Works achieved on time, on budget and by careful redesign of the Remediation Strategy we saved the site over £500,000 on construction abnormals and by careful management of soils ensured that no excess soils were required to be removed from site and all subsoil capping was generated on site.

ADM Regeneration-Remediation And Demolition Running Concurrently

Remediation and Demolition Running Concurrently

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Demolition Tree Removal Protection Scheme

Tree Removal Was In Accordance With Tree Protection Scheme

ADM Regeneration-Remediation Demolition Client Handover Post Validation

Areas Approaching Completion

Further Information


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